Some photos of Richard & his heroes

Richard & Will


Richard & Soupy


Richard & Soupy


Richard Nathan is the parodies of Shakespeare that can be found at http://www.shakespeare-parodies.com and the other plays and film scripts that can be found at http://www.richard-nathan-scripts.com    All of his stage play scripts have been produced at one time or another, except for his latest work "Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater."   Unfortunately, only one film script has been filmed to date, "Laughing It Up" (also known as "In Search Of A Woman"), which is not available on the Internet.

At one time, Richard was an actor who appeared in two films "Deep Jaws" (which was a sex film, but not porn) and "Meateater" (which sounds like a sex film, but had no sex whatsoever). 

These days Richard is an attorney.


You can write to Richard at Richard-Nathan@att.net.